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Tempered Glass Definition

Tempered glass is defined as toughened glass that has been treated by heat or chemicals to increase its strength. Tempered glass has many benefits and uses which makes it a popular glass used in many home and commercial building projects.
Tempered Glass Benefits and Uses

Now that you know the answer to what is tempered glass, here are some of its benefits and uses. The most important benefit of tempered glass is safety. Tempered glass reduces the risk of injury due to its nature of breaking into small, circular pieces instead of sharp, jagged shards.

Another benefit of tempered glass windows is ease of clean-up if they ever do break. As mentioned above, tempered glass breaks into small fragments instead of large, jagged pieces. This allows you to simply sweep up the glass instead of having to carefully pick up sharp pieces. The small glass pebbles of tempered glass can also be vacuumed to ensure all pieces have been cleaned up.

A final benefit of tempered glass is its strength. Because the process of heating and applying chemicals strengthens the glass, tempered glass is an excellent choice for windshields, home windows and any other projects where maximum durability is desirable.