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PT. Murano Glassindo Makmur

Committed To Quality

PT. Murano Glassindo Makmur is a glass processing factory located across the enterance of toll road in the bustling industrial sector of East Jakarta, Cakung, thus providing a strategic location in establishing a robust and efficient supply chain. Industry 4.0 ready, our factory has adopted and developed various advanced glass processing methods to cater clients nationwide and worldwide, providing high quality safety glass products.


  1. To become the leading and trusted safety glass processing company in Indonesia.
  2. We are constantly being innovative in creating great safety glass products with the ambition to contribute in the development of Indonesia.


  1. Committed to create high quality safety glass products that are safe for our clients.
  2. Deliver products to our clients on time without disrupting their activities.
  3. Establish great customer service to all our clients.
  4. Last but not Least, being able to deliver all of the above without dissapointing our clients.

Strategic Factory Location

Professional & Skilled Human Resources

Computer & Automation Integration

State Of The Art Glass Processing Machines

Company Value

  • Integrity
  • Integrity of attitude and behavior on the basis of truth, honestly and morality.
  • Team Work
  • High level of cooperation achieved through strengthening and complementing each other, thus creating a unified system or single unit built upon understanding, respect and trust.
  • Dedication
  • Motivated in working hard, smart and complete as a part of one's faith and beliefs.
  • Creativity
  • Motivated in developing ideas and concepts to its fruition and maturity.
  • Loyality
  • Sense of love, belonging and responsibility to the company as well as its progress and development, so as to achieve the vision and mission it aspires.